Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogging about things that DON'T have anything to do with art....

BECAUSE I CAN!! It's MY blog...I can put what I want here.:)

But I will say that I got an airbrush for Christmas!! I had one years ago. My grandfather bought it for the two of us to learn to use together. Then he died and we never got to. Well, I finally did teach myself. I'm pretty excited about using this for the backgrounds in my underwater paintings. Even though I love painting the big backgrounds with brushes and getting the colors to blend.
It will be fun using the airbrush. I can get frisket paper and block the drawings out and just have a blast!! It's been so long since I've used one, I looked online and found a GREAT Tutorial on Airbrush lessons.. ...I will be getting the paint today and I'm gonna follow the lessons and get my groove back!! This will be a fun toy!!! THANK YOU GEORGE!!!:)

I still have my other paintings sitting here staring at me. They seem to be saying "Get your a@@ over here and throw some paint at us!!!" Maybe I will. Now that Christmas is over and I can have my studio back. (It has a tree in the middle of it and that aint right!!!)

I am working on a deal with the museum here in town to show my work. THEY asked about it. Not me. That is nice. Makes me smile!!! They saw some of my work in G's office and were impressed. Again, THANK YOU GEORGE!!!:)

So, I have too many reasons to start painting again and get over this slump I've been in. And I have new brushes coming in today also, which will always make an artist feel better!! Again, THANK YOU GEORGE!!!!:)

Dang, look at myself...posting about art! What was I thinking???LOL


Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is a painting by Mark Adams. I just love it!!! I love how he paints oysters, and GOODNESS, there's a beer in it too!! This is just a great painting!! I want it. BAD!!!!

Mark is just amazing to me and I love his work. To see more of his work, go to my profile and there's a link to his blog there. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!!!!:)

Oh heck, here's a link!!:)

OH, if you scroll down there are links to the Brickfish contest that I'm STILL in. There's like 40-something days left of that!!! I wish it would just END!!! Anyway, if you are on here, you might as well scroll down and click on the brickfish link and vote!!! THANKS!!:)

09/05/09 ~ BTW...I have this painting now in my home!!!!! Thank you Mark!!!:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I don't know...LOL

I haven't been on here in so long, it just took me forever to log on! I forgot my password, then I realized I was using the wrong email address! I'm blonde. :)

I have not been painting. I have not been doing much of anything at all. Certainly nothing worth "blogging" about.

I did change my Primary Care Provider/doctor, so I will finally get to see someone new. I just did this today, so I have to wait til next month to go to the new doc.... Maybe this will help...rrrrrright. Well, a girl can dream!!!

I want to paint. I've got everything sitting right here, just waiting for ME. But I have to find ME to be able to do that. Hopefully this will happen soon. Or I'm gonna just go crazy. Or have I already???

Thanks for voting for my paintings. The French Angel is doing good. I've slipped back to 10th, but that's ok. IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The "Backyard" in progress...

I have been painting!! Right now I've kinda hit a "hurdle" I must get over to continue, but I will. This has nothing to do w/ painting, because I really want to finish this. My heart and hands are working together, I just have to find the place & time to do it...

Anyhow, right now I am masking off the frame of the porch so I can get the lines very straight and clean. It makes it much easier & faster!! I like how this is turning out...finally!!!

It won't take too long, once I am able to get at it. I will keep posting pics as I go. And it won't be long before I post another!!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Backyard Painting

I got the Honeysuckle done. I like the way that has turned out. I may have to do more work on the tree though. It's a little childish... But, I was sitting out there this morning and Spice got up on the table and layed there. Then Sabastian got up & of course had to investigate things. So I got him w/ his nose in my paint water jar. Very cute!! So, I have added them to my painting. I just wish that Calypso could've gotten up there too!! There's not really enough room for him, but I probably could've made it work!!LOL It's ok, got my kitties to paint now too. I haven't painted an animal in a long long time, but I think I can do it...

It's only paint, I can paint over it!! I don't think I'm going to have to. I'm really enjoying doing this one. Sitting out there painting is EXTREMELY relaxing. Maybe I'll break down today and actually lay in the sun out there by the pool for a while. I'm getting ghostly!!! Ewwww!!!! Gotta fix that!!:)

I still haven't decided anything on the DSFDF painting this week. I did go check out the blog and Karin's is FABULOUS!!!! Pressure, Oh the pressure!!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!!:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

DSFDF-Week 5

OK, so this is the pic for Week 5 on DSFDS...Hmmmm.....Interesting? Very. What am I gonna do w/ it?? Don't have a clue!!! I'm thinking of taking a section (to be determined) and doing it in colored pencil. I just don't know yet. This REALLY is like Art Class all over again!!!

I better get a good grade, I want to go to Prom this year!!!LOL

Folk Art...Why am I painting something that looks like FOLK ART????

This is just a section of the painting I am doing. I know, it's pretty dang crappy, but it's for me and it's my backyard. It is the view from where I sit every morning and drink my coffee.

I don't understand the "Folksy" feel that it has. Why am I painting like I'm in 7th grade again??? Who knows..but it will change as I add more to it. Hopefully for the better!! The dark green bushes have a million leaves that I have to add. It's Honeysuckle vines that have grown and been trimmed to look like bushes. So, I think the leaves will help that part. Then there's the pool, then the porch and the table in front of me. I think I may put Spice on the table, just laying there. It will be just like I'm sitting there...

I gotta add some skydivers into the sky, since they are always jumping right there in the backyard. It will be interesting, if nothing else. Something fun to look at....

Who cares....I'M PAINTING!!!!:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Link to comments about "Caymus" by Mark Adams...
This is a site where divers, snorkelers, non-divers, WHATEVER, people that love the island of Bonaire, get together to talk about their trips, lean on one another, chat, just hang out together. Bonaire is a beautiful island with gorgeous reefs, cactus & donkeys. It is in the Netherlands Antilles, known as the ABC islands. There's Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. The reefs of Bonaire are the most beautiful in the world. And Bonaire is known for the fantastic shore diving. So, we all love Bonaire....
Anyhow, I've made friends with everyone on BT and I've met a lot of them. Just a bunch of wonderful people & the best friends I've ever had!! And now I've got them all hooked on Mark Adams painting!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

White Pumpkins

acrylic on canvas

Here is my painting for this weeks photo from "Different Strokes For Different Folks"

OK, so these things were NOT easy. I had a hard time w/ the shadow coloring on the pumpkin itself. So, what I ended up doing was painting, covering that, painting it again, covering that up, over and over. Finally I just dragged a dry brush w/ some white over the whole pumpkin part and there ya go!! I do not like that, I wanted them to look very realistic. I didn't get that effect at all, but from far away, I like them. Like from the other side of the room, a dark room...LOL

Hey, I painted and that's all that matters. And I'm posting a copy of my painting. I'm almost happy...

M.A., the exorcism almost worked!!!!!LOL

Friday, September 26, 2008

Different Strokes...Different Folks....

This BLOG is just not looking like it's about painting AT ALL!!! You will have to scroll back to see that I have done some painting in the 2 months that I've had this thing.

I did paint today. But as someone that I truly admire said to me today "Sometimes my hands don't listen to my heart. Art is a seeing and feeling process and sometimes a complete mystery to me." My heart wants to paint, but my hands just aren't working with it.

What I'm painting is from the blog. Every Wednesday a new photo is put up to draw, paint, whatever. Then you do it, send a copy in an email and she will post your work along w/ everyone elses. VERY COOL! It's like art class. You have a project and a week to do it. I loved art class, so maybe this will help me get back into it...So far, I suck!!!LOL

I have told my mom about the DSFDF blog. So now, hopefully, she will do it too. Then maybe we can hang out together and paint. And we will be doing the same thing, so we can get inspiration from each other. Mom, please do this with me...Pretty pllllllllease....

I just want to be able to pick up my brush and stand in front of my huge canvas and be happy again. One day....

Friday, September 12, 2008

I think I'm getting back to being ME!!!!

I'm sorry that I've posted so many depessing things on here lately. AND NO PAINTING!!! I am feeling better, so I'm thinking about picking up a paintbrush and going at it again. It really makes me feel better to go to other blogs where the artists are painting EVERY DAY!!! Especially Mark Adams. He just makes me feel good. I can go to his blog and WOW!!! He just has such a postitive effect on me. Even if I wasn't an artist I would love his blog!! His paintings are fabulous!! And he seems like such a happy man...Someone I'd just love to know personally. But I'll stick to his daily painting and his great words that make me smile!!!

I hope one day I can be like that again. I'm trying, I really am...

Now to see what today brings me as far as not being depressed and not just staring at this Surgeon Fish!! He wants to be done and hang out w/ the French Angel. Maybe they can hang out in a gallery downtown!!! Well, that sounds almost like a goal, doesn't it??? I haven't had one of those in a while!!!

To everyone, LET'S JUST HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mean People Suck

I haven't been on here in a while... I just haven't been able to paint AT ALL!!! I look at the painting sitting right here next to me, and I have nothing. I've just been depressed. I can't get out of it. I know it will pass, so that is good. I'm sick of rain and hurricanes. I don't like stupid people that put you down thinking that they are better. People like that really piss me off!!!!

I had to leave my son's birthday party because of STUPID PEOPLE!!!!! I just couldn't handle the way I was being talked to. I try to stay out of confrontations, I was by myself enjoying the day, and out of no where BOOM!!! I got verbally attacked by some idiot that has nothing and is nothing. I know I should not let things like that bother me. But it is bothering me. I wish I didn't get so nervous when shit like that happens & I could've stood up for myself. Instead, I left. I will NEVER go back there. Not til my kids have full ownership of the camp and kick those fat asses OUT!! Then, I will go back and hang out w/ my kids and relax.

If you are ever in a position where you think someone is not as good as you are, remember, everyone has a story. Everyone has something going on in their life. Some things are not good, and maybe they don't need you to tell them that they are nothing but a piece of shit. It's NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!! No one is better than anyone else. Except ME!!! I am better than that fat ass! And I will NEVER take that again. At least my son stood up for me and understood why I left. He puts up w/ it all the time. They are always saying crap to him. And he does not deserve it. I wish I was more like Rafe. I love him. Thanks Bubba:)

Yeah, so much for my lovely "Painting Blog"....maybe one day it will be back to normal. But I need to get there first. Sorry for ranting, but I'm still pretty dang upset.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"The Reef" Print

The Reef
Copyright 2007
24" x 30"
GiClee - Print on Canvas
Signed and Numbered
Limited Edition - 100 Prints made
Email for more info - address on profile
Click on picture to view larger.

"Juvi Drum" Print

Juvi Drum
Copyright 2007
16" x 13"
GiClee - Print on Canvas
E-mail for more info - address on profile
Click on picture to view HIDEOUSLY larger!LOL

French Angel

French Angel
Copyright 2008
36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas
E-mail for info, address on profile
Scroll thru blog to see from start to finish and how it came to be...
Click on picture to view larger.

Tomorrow's the 15th...

and the deadline for getting in the application and the digital image presentation for the artshow. I am not entering. It feels better knowing that now I can not stress over it anymore. I'd rather sell the paintings, but then I want to have them for SOMETHING. I don't know what. I'm trying to figure out a way for them to be seen, other than this, but don't know what to do. I don't think having them in some "small town" artshow is what I want. I guess what I really need to do is JUST FRIGGIN START PAINTING AGAIN AND NOT WORRY ABOUT ANY OF IT!!!

Since things have kinda gotten back to normal around here, I guess I can start again. It's just too hard when you never know when you are just going to have to stop and leave right in the middle of something that you just can't stop while you are doing it. And I want to get this fish done, so I think IT'S TIME!!!!!LOL


Monday, August 11, 2008

My Family

Mom(Jaci), Sister(Teri), My Man(George), Me, Daughter(Olivia),
Son(Rafe), Niece(Sarah), Daughter(Kayla), Niece(Lulu)

Here is finally a group photo of my family. When we were putting together the collage for Dad's Memorial, we realized we have NO family photos. Right then Kayla decided that she did not care what the occasion was, we would always take a group photo. And the fact that we are all dressed up, well, this may be a one and only like this.

I look gigantic, and George looks so little. G & I are actually the same height, but I am wearing heels... The camera was down low on a, we are not the sizes we look. Kayla set the timer on her camera and ran and got into the photo.

It was a very nice Memorial. There were quite a few of Dad's friends there from the News-Journal, lots of family (not all in the pic), and friends that came because they are friends. I just wish I had known that the reverend was going to ask people to speak about Dad. I was not prepared for that, my mind started racing a million miles a minute, thinking..... what do I say? what order do I say these things? Then I got so nervous about speaking in front of a crowd and it was too late. When I was driving home, alone, I said all the things I would have said up there. So, I think it's ok. I just wish I could've said it to everyone there. I'd like them to be able to see him as I do. To know what all he has done for me, and how, at the end, when I would help him up, we would dance. I'd tell him "You hold onto ME, not the towel rack, it'll break!!" So he'd put his arms around me and I'd say "Now, we dance..." And we would. Then I would thank him for the dance. It was special. And I'm smiling now thinking about it. I'm so glad I have these memories.

One day soon this "Blog" will be about painting again. I keep looking at the Surgeonfish and I know what I want to do to it next...I just need to DO it!!! In time.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

My FAVORITE Picture!!:)

Well, this has been a pretty rough week. There's so much to do, and so much to deal with. I can honestly say, I'm not dealing well. I felt better yesterday, because I spent the day w/ my mom getting things done that had to be done. I think most of my problem has been that I sit here in the house, alone. Being alone right now it not a good thing. I don't handle things well.

My sister is staying at Mom's right now, so I know she's ok. But, we do much better when we are together. They have been doing things and I felt more like I was in the way than anything. So, then I sit here, alone, and upset that I'm not w/ them and it's just crazy. Poor George. He gets these phone calls and I know I'm not coherent at all. I've got to quit doing that to him.

Anyhow, my point, and I do have one... I am putting so much pressure on myself w/ this painting and getting it done in time for the Art Show Committee to see. I'm just not doing it. I'm not entering this show. Right now it's just too hard to put that much pressure on myself. And it's making me not paint right. I'm like some water head retard w/ a brush! It's like I've forgotten how to paint. I just can't worry about that right now. Life is too important. If I paint it has to be because I want to, not because I have to. There, now I feel better.

So, now that that pressure is off of me...Today I will go to Mom's and she and I are going to put together a collage of pics of Dad to have at the Memorial tomorrow. We will enjoy doing that together. It should be interesting because we are both so creative and strong willed (stubborn & only WE can do things the right way!)'s gonna be interesting!!

One day, I will just have paintings done, find out where there's a show & enter it. It won't be a stressful thing. Hopefully I won't have to deal w/ all that I am now. I don't ever want to do this again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just squeezed paint onto my palette and started...It feels good.

Here is just the start of the fish. I like it, it has some depth, perspective. Now it needs the detail and it should be ok. All of the rest of it has quite a bit of detail. The fins, eye, mouth, gill, tail. I have the music blasting and lots of coffee. Let's see what happens now....
Remember, this painting is 3' x 4'

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Painting resumes...soon....

I haven't been on here or painting for some time now. My Dad has had cancer for 15 months and passed away on Friday, August 1st, at 3:15 AM. I have been staying w/ my Mom & Dad for a while, as he has been having a hard time. He's been very weak and needed help getting around and it was a 24/7 effort to care for him. My Mom & I took care of him every second. We made sure that he had everything and anything that he needed or wanted. I never left his side. I walked away from my "life" for him. And I'd do it again in a second! There would never be enough I could do for this man. I promised him that I would take care of my mother, so, that is my new job. And I gladly accept it.

In the end we had Hospice there around the clock. What a Godsend. These people are amazing and made sure that he was comfortable and went peacefully. I thank them with all I have and all I am.

I am home now, and it seems very strange. I feel like I don't fit in here. Maybe it's just the change from the one household to the other. And I am tired. Everything will fall into place. I will be going back to Mom's today to get the rest of my things. (My sister is there now.) Tomorrow we will be making all of the arrangements for the Memorial Service. So, we will have another rough day...but together we will do it.

I hope that I can get enough time to get this painting done so I can submit it to the committee for the art show by August 15th. If not, there is always next year. And other artshows. So, it's all good.

Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for my family and myself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coral Rubble

I think the background is done. But like w/ everything else, I'm sure I'll find places that just need a little more. I hate when I do that. Sometimes, enough is enough. I like the way it looks now. The fish is just going to "POP" off of the canvas w/ that as the background.

A little info on WHAT "coral rubble" is the dead "skeleton" that is left of the coral. It's the broken pieces that lay on the ocean floor and on the shores. Especially on Bonaire. Lots of rubble on the shore!!! You must wear hard soled booties to get to the water. 'Cause it'll hurt your feet bad!! It's like rocks, very hard. In the shallow areas, before you hit the reef, there is a lot of the rubble. And that is where this fish is at...

Now that I have this much done, I really hope the fish doesn't take too long. I don't think it will...

I find AMAZING how I can get these HUGE paintings done so fast! When I paint little, it takes me forever...I guess because of the detail. It's so little and takes a long time to get it right. Painting big, the same detail is there, it's just larger and I use a larger brush. Some things look, to me, like they are really small, but I've learned....if I can see it, it's BIG!!! And everything else is BIGGER!!!! I can't believe how much I am loving painting like this. I may be reaching my goal...I just need to get this one done to attempt to get into the artshow by August 15th....But, the show isn't until November. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Background, a reason to buy new brushes...:)

This fish is in Bonaire. There is a lot of coral rubble there. That is what he is swimming over. I got it pretty good in that one corner, but the rest, I'm not liking it. And it's not even close to being done...the coral rubble/background... Well, I just uploaded the pic and I got it ok in 2 spots. It should be pretty easy to do, I just need to DO it!!!
I had to get A new brush to do the background and ended up getting 5!!! I love brushes, so it's ok. I'll use them, so, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ocean Surgeonfish

I'm just starting on this, so it's pretty rough. Actually, it looks like camo to me!! But, it's all "undertones" right now, then I'll add more on top of that, then start the fish.

I wish I could think of more to write about, but hey, a picture's worth a thousand words!!!LOL

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Painting...

Here is the new painting...well, it's drawn, that's it so far. But I gotta start somewhere. Now that it is ready for paint, I can just go at it when I can. It is an Ocean Surgeonfish. They are common to Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Of course, mine's from Bonaire!!:)

Also, a pic of the 2 canvas's in my studio. I just use the "living room" of the house. We have a family room and don't use the living room. So, I have taken it over. It's the biggest room, and I need that.
I hope to start painting tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

F'Angel, Frenchie, whatever....

This painting is 36" x 48". It is a French Angel fish, w/ some color added. I love color!! I wish there was a way on here to show it full size, to really get the feel of it. He's big!! Scroll through my blog to see it from almost start to finish...
I think he's done....I may do more as time goes on. Or I may not. I just don't know right now. I really like this painting. I've never felt so "close" to anything I've done before. This painting just gives off some "vibes" or something. Sounds weird, I know, but there's just something....
The top fin and the tail are the furthest from you, so the detail had to stay minimal, or it would pull them forward. Then he would look like some kind of double-jointed fish.LOL And that just doesn't work. I know as I stare at it, I'll see things and make changes. I'm going to try not to. I know, I keep saying that.
I'm just ready to start the next one. It's going to be big too. I want to get it drawn out tonight. Then, whenever I get a chance to paint, I will be able to. I just can't committ to painting right now. There's just too much going on. Things that are much more important than me painting. More important than anything. So, IF I get time, I'll paint. If I don't, it's ok.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A VERY Old Painting

I did this, well, I don't know how long ago. It is "the camp", property owned by my ex husband and my kids, in the Ocala National Forest. It's been in the family since the late 50's (the property, not the painting!! I wasn't even in a family in the 50's!!!). The cabin has always been there and is very rustic. I painted it for his mother many years ago. I've never had a copy of it, til now. Ya gotta love digital cameras!!!:)

I'll have the French Angel done tomorrow. Today we went diving and then I cleaned dive gear. So, no painting today.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


July 12, 2008

Ok, I haven't posted in a few days...but I have been painting. The problem is, what I am painting just hasn't been looking right. Sometimes I feel like I just totally forget how to paint! The dorsel fin was looking like mud, and that is NOT good!! But I woke up real early again today and fixed that. And then there's the tail... Well, it is the farthest thing from you, so it's supposed to be fading into the background. But the way it looks, it just looks like I made the tail shaped wrong. I know that a French Angel does not have a split tail that goes to 2 points, it has a solid squared off tail w/ rounded corners...if I paint it to look like that, it's just too much detail and brings it too far forward. So then it looks like it's curving towards the front. And that aint right!! I know I'll get it, but it just drives me nuts when I can't figure out how to get it right. That's what I mean by "I forget how to paint." Yes, I do realize that I think TOO much!!!

I will get this done, there's not that much left to do. Maybe 2-3 hours worth....if I stop thinking too much!!LOL

THANK YOU to everyone for your comments. That really helps me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008 - Second post for today...

I don't know if this will post right...I haven't even done anything yet, and it says "ERROR", I don't think that's a good sign. I posted this morning and didn't have problems. Well, let's see...
So, I've been painting these spots. There are 3 different colors, because of lighting and distance. AND the reason the pectoral fin is so large is because it is the closest thing to you. It's a perspective thing...
I hope that these look ok, and that I keep thinking that they look ok, 'cause that was pretty nerve racking!!!LOL
Now I have to start on the fins and tail. Not too much detail there, especially the tail, because it's the furthest away.
I still need some highlights on the pectoral fin to make it "jump" off the canvas. Depth. There's actually still a lot to do, but I think the hardest part is over and I survived!!! Whew!!!
I think IT'S TIME!!!!!!!LOL
Time to do some more.....
This BETTER post right!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Until I know that these will post in order, I'll just use the date for the heading...I may just do that anyway!!

I'm working on the yellow "spots" on the fish. Geez, it is making me sweat!!! I do not want to mess them up, 'cause I REALLY don't want to repaint the whole body! That would suck! So, I have walked away for now. I just can't get the right "stroke" for them. And the brush I'm using is crap! I'm going to try a different one later....or I'll have to go buy a new brush. ANYTHING to buy NEW BRUSHES!!!:)

I like the way the pectoral fin is turning out. I've added a lot to it since the last pic post. But I don't want to finish it until I get these spots done...just in case I have to touch up any edges where I've over painted...Like coloring outside the lines!!LOL

I have not been painting as much as I would like to. This should be DONE! I start thinking about what is next, the "spots", and start dreading doing them. That is not right. Like I say, IT'S JUST PAINT, YOU CAN PAINT OVER IT!! But I don't want to redo the body!!! Oh, it's a vicious circle!!!LOL

Hopefully I will be posting another pic today with my French Angel Fish almost done!!:)
There, I've set a goal!!!:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Posted 07/05/08 - I really AM painting!!!

OK, so I didn't paint yesterday, AT ALL!! That wasn't good, but it was a holiday... So, today it's taken me some time to get going. I'm working on this pectoral fin, adding some highlights to the dorsel fin, things like that. Mostly just playing around... I don't think the fin is done, but I kinda like it. I am sure that will change tho!! I know it needs some highlights on it, where light is hitting it...and I don't know, I may redo the whole thing.

Now, you have to look at it, remembering that there are spots all over the fish. The spots that you can see on the fin are actually on the fish body, not on the fin. But, it's a transparent fin, so you can see them.

I'm not sure at all about the one ventral fin. (The lower fins in the front) It looks like it has some flame thing going on....That WILL change!!

OK, so that's what I'm doing today....and that's what I'm thinking about changing. Hey, it's just paint, you can always paint over it!!!:)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just bloggin'...

So, today I won't be painting. It's my youngest daughter's last day w/ me before SNORKEL CAMP!! How cool is that?? Anything to get her ready to dive with me one day!!:)

Anyhow, we are going to my mom & dad's for the day, so no painting. Maybe tonite...

It's driving me crazy to not be painting!! I'm wanting to start on the pectoral fin...I like doing fins like these. I call it "Painting Clear"...That's where I have to paint so that it looks like I'm using "clear" paint, so you can see through the fin.

That painting I've added up there is an example of what I'm talking about. That one is "Juvi Drum" that I did last year. One of my first "fish" paintings. The fins are transparent so you have to paint in a way that you can see through it. It's actually pretty easy to do. I just paint what is in the background, kinda messy, then add very watered down white over that, then add some color to where the veins or lines are in the fin, depending on the color of the fish. Now with the French Angel, I have to do the background of the body of the fish, very blurry, then add the detail of the fin. It should be easy. I wish I could just do it NOW!! But, then I'd never make it to my Mom's...
Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be adding more pics of "French Angel" to this. I like having this blog. I feel like I HAVE to keep it updated, which means I HAVE to paint. That is what I need!! Some good ole decipline to make me paint!! This whole blogging thing is good for me! Maybe I should start one about my diving, then I would have to dive more!! There's a thought!!!:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Now that I think I know what I'm doing on here.....

Here is what the French Angel looks like this morning. I did some work on it earlier. I don't sleep well! There is obviously A LOT of work left to do, but the whole reason for this is to see it as it's, here it is!!:)
I am going to try my best to not "rag" on my paintings on here. I have always been my worst critic. So, if you see something and it just don't look right...well, believe me, I KNOW THAT ALREADY!! Just give it time and it will, or I'll tell you "This looks like CRAP!!"
I hope you enjoy following me from start to finish on ALL of my paintings from now on!!!
HI to everyone on BT!!! I wouldn't be doing ANY of this without YOU!!:)

Pics of the French Angel

Now, I know, they are gray, white, yellow, that's about it...But it wouldn't be art if I didn't go a little crazy, right???
Well, uploading photos is odd. They are not where I wanted them, and not in the order that I posted them. Odd...
There's my painting. That was actually yesterday, it already looks completely different...
I'll add more later!:)

Well, this is a first...

I'm just starting this thing, I don't know what I'm doing. Well, I know I'm typing, but do I have a profile? Do I need to be adding a pic to that? Anyway, I guess I'll find that out as I go...

The reason for this blog is to show my art from start to finish. Just like I used to post on BT. I may not put the "finished" pic on here, because of copyright stuff, but I will post it on my day, when that is ever right. Maybe I'll just use this and not even have a website.
ANYHOW, this is where I'll post my "in the works" painting pictures. So, now anyone can follow from canvas w/ some pencil drawing to the Grand Creation that I make!!!LOL

Right now I'm working on a French Angel Fish. It's 36" x 48". I am enjoying doing this painting, I believe, more than anything I've ever done. I DO LIKE PAINTING BIG!!:)

I figured out how to add pics to this, but they are on my other computer. So, I'll have to "blog" from there later and get this party started!!!!