Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coral Rubble

I think the background is done. But like w/ everything else, I'm sure I'll find places that just need a little more. I hate when I do that. Sometimes, enough is enough. I like the way it looks now. The fish is just going to "POP" off of the canvas w/ that as the background.

A little info on WHAT "coral rubble" is the dead "skeleton" that is left of the coral. It's the broken pieces that lay on the ocean floor and on the shores. Especially on Bonaire. Lots of rubble on the shore!!! You must wear hard soled booties to get to the water. 'Cause it'll hurt your feet bad!! It's like rocks, very hard. In the shallow areas, before you hit the reef, there is a lot of the rubble. And that is where this fish is at...

Now that I have this much done, I really hope the fish doesn't take too long. I don't think it will...

I find AMAZING how I can get these HUGE paintings done so fast! When I paint little, it takes me forever...I guess because of the detail. It's so little and takes a long time to get it right. Painting big, the same detail is there, it's just larger and I use a larger brush. Some things look, to me, like they are really small, but I've learned....if I can see it, it's BIG!!! And everything else is BIGGER!!!! I can't believe how much I am loving painting like this. I may be reaching my goal...I just need to get this one done to attempt to get into the artshow by August 15th....But, the show isn't until November. :)

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