Monday, April 27, 2009

We move on FRIDAY!!!!!!!

We found this house, 4bdrms/3baths, and a GIHUGIC Sunroom that will be my studio. It's an old Victorian that used to be located at DeLeon Springs, then they moved it to where it is now. It was considered THE estate of DeLeon Springs for a long time. All the big parties were here!!
Well, it's ours now!!! and it's only 1 block from Mom!! See, everything does work out in the end!!! It's everything and MORE than what we wanted!!!

I'm so ready to just move and have that overwith...we leave for Bonaire in 9 days. So, we will get moved in and then go to the Caribbean for a week!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Moving...

OK, so we have this great idea...Mom is going to buy a smaller house for her to live in, 2 houses away from the home she lives in now. I am going to buy the current house from her. We will be close together, I can take care of her's just all good!!! Until you get a bank involved!

Mom has now gone all out and is going for an Academy Award!! She has cried, she has yelled, she has gone for pity...all with the bank. I think they should be quite impressed with how she can make them feel like shit, because, well, they are!!

We have both been packing up our houses for 21 days. We are living out of boxes now. Which is probably better then living IN boxes. That could happen soon, if the BANK doesn't get with the program. I'm thinking a nice refridgerator box, under an overpass on I-4. We can add on as needed, find another big box, break out my trusty blue box cutter that I always carry in my purse, cut a new door in, use duct tape and attach them together. We can find lovely items in dumpsters to decorate. I saw some real nice, good, used shag carpet the other day!! For beds, I have a beautiful "Bratz" sleeping bag, and a "Princess" bag from Disney!! Ahhh, what I'm picturing is just a wonderful colorful new home!! Not to much to clean. I won't be needing my Kirby, I can just make people take their shoes off before entering my box! I usually do that anyway, shoes are a little too distracting and show that it's just a quicky visit!!!LOL

I'm going to miss my pool. BUT there are really nice retention ponds on I-4. I'm sure I can just walk down to one, set up my lawn chair, get some sun, maybe have a cooler of beer.... With the people that I have considered idiots w/ their stereos SO loud, Well, now I could learn to appreciate that...I'd have some music. If I put up signs saying "98.9" maybe everyone could get on the same station and I could hear a whole song, instead of bits and peices....I'm pondering this!!:)

Well, I'm off to locate my basil...seasonings are in a box here somewhere....

Friday, April 3, 2009

I won't be posting for a while...

Or drawing. Sorry. But I will be packing and moving in the next 19 days!!! Then we go to Bonaire in 33 days!!:)

I'll be moving to a much bigger house. Hopefully I can figure out where my studio will be. I think I know, but I'll have to see once we get everything moved. This is a very important move for me. I will be closer to my mom, so I can take care of her. And, God willing, this will be the last time I ever move again in my life!!!!!!!

If anything of interest comes up, I'll post. And if by some freak of nature, I actually have time to draw before I pack up my studio, I'll post.