Friday, April 3, 2009

I won't be posting for a while...

Or drawing. Sorry. But I will be packing and moving in the next 19 days!!! Then we go to Bonaire in 33 days!!:)

I'll be moving to a much bigger house. Hopefully I can figure out where my studio will be. I think I know, but I'll have to see once we get everything moved. This is a very important move for me. I will be closer to my mom, so I can take care of her. And, God willing, this will be the last time I ever move again in my life!!!!!!!

If anything of interest comes up, I'll post. And if by some freak of nature, I actually have time to draw before I pack up my studio, I'll post.


1 comment: said...

We will wait for your return. Hope the moving goes smoothly but it probably won't. The good news is that gives you some blog material.