Monday, April 27, 2009

We move on FRIDAY!!!!!!!

We found this house, 4bdrms/3baths, and a GIHUGIC Sunroom that will be my studio. It's an old Victorian that used to be located at DeLeon Springs, then they moved it to where it is now. It was considered THE estate of DeLeon Springs for a long time. All the big parties were here!!
Well, it's ours now!!! and it's only 1 block from Mom!! See, everything does work out in the end!!! It's everything and MORE than what we wanted!!!

I'm so ready to just move and have that overwith...we leave for Bonaire in 9 days. So, we will get moved in and then go to the Caribbean for a week!!


1 comment: said...

Fabulous looking house. May it bring you years of contentment. Happy to hear all is working out for you