Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm almost there....

Well, I'm starting to feel the need to paint. Even if I have to rearrange this house to do it...I need a REAL studio. That tiny dining room may just not work for me. I have room outside.....

I have a new portrait to do. Of a girl that was killed in a car accident while TEXTING!! OMG!!! That scares me so bad. My daughter is so bad about that!!!!!! Anyhow, I only have copies of a pic of her, very pixilated??? Pixilized??? There is no real detail. And she has glasses on in the pic. I have to do this w/out the glasses. Somehow, maybe thru FaceBook, I have to find a clearer pic of her. I need to see the detail, I have to see her eyes. The eyes are what make the person, their soul. I know I'll figure something out, and I really want to do this for her family. I love doing portraits, but this one feels like something I HAVE to do.

I hope I can start it tomorrow. I'll share it here.

Thank you to my "Followers" kinda keep me going:)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm sorry.....

I just want to try to explain why I've posted NOTHING on here in SO long. We moved, it's kinda been a hard thing for me. My whole fam, including children are still in FL. I am happy here with my George. And my kids come here a lot. But I think all artists can relate to "feeling down = bad painting"......I am starting to feel a bit better about everything....and I know I will be painting again soon. I have to finish the "Flamingos"...all that's left are the eyes. OK, that's like WHAT??? 15 mins. of painting????????? SOON!!!! I promise. I think if I post this on here, I know I HAVE to do it. That is actually why I started this blog. So that I would HAVE to do things. I do NOT want this to just go stagnant. How totally uncool would that be??????

So, I shall paint soon!!!! And maybe I'll get a few sold!!!!!!:)

Thanks for your patience....I think.....LOL