Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm sorry.....

I just want to try to explain why I've posted NOTHING on here in SO long. We moved, it's kinda been a hard thing for me. My whole fam, including children are still in FL. I am happy here with my George. And my kids come here a lot. But I think all artists can relate to "feeling down = bad painting"......I am starting to feel a bit better about everything....and I know I will be painting again soon. I have to finish the "Flamingos"...all that's left are the eyes. OK, that's like WHAT??? 15 mins. of painting????????? SOON!!!! I promise. I think if I post this on here, I know I HAVE to do it. That is actually why I started this blog. So that I would HAVE to do things. I do NOT want this to just go stagnant. How totally uncool would that be??????

So, I shall paint soon!!!! And maybe I'll get a few sold!!!!!!:)

Thanks for your patience....I think.....LOL

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painthorsestudio said...

Wow, do I ever understand! Take a look at my blog. I was painting and blogging along and then.....I moved. A few posts I was really making up excuses and scrounging up anything to post. Still am really but am starting to get back to painting. Moving can really turn your world upside just take the break and learn to live in your new home. I moved last October and am STILL adjusting to my new life. I didn't expect it to take this long - and I even have a studio now! But life is full of seasons and so it is the same with art. You'll get back to it - so try to relax, and congrats on your move! I hope it is a good one. :)