Sunday, July 25, 2010

Portrait of Melanie.....

I've just started this....and all I had to go by were some very pixelated sepia photos. One close up of her eyes. I finally got into one of her relatives FaceBook pages and printed out 8 photos, so I have something to go by for "skin tone"....she's not quite there yet, but I think she likes having a bit of a tan.
While going thur these photos, I realized how much she loved life. She was also an artist. So, as I'm drawing her, and as always, I talk to my portraits...I feel like she is w/ me on this one. I think it will turn out ok. It will be MELANIE!!! Happy, captive eyes, w/ a twinkle in them, for her love of life. It is very sad to do something like this, but, I think she would have liked it. I hope so. And I will do my VERY BEST to make her happy.
Sorry it's taken so long to start it, but I just needed to know MELANIE. Looking at her pictures has so brought me there.