Thursday, August 14, 2008

"The Reef" Print

The Reef
Copyright 2007
24" x 30"
GiClee - Print on Canvas
Signed and Numbered
Limited Edition - 100 Prints made
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"Juvi Drum" Print

Juvi Drum
Copyright 2007
16" x 13"
GiClee - Print on Canvas
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French Angel

French Angel
Copyright 2008
36" x 48"
acrylic on canvas
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Tomorrow's the 15th...

and the deadline for getting in the application and the digital image presentation for the artshow. I am not entering. It feels better knowing that now I can not stress over it anymore. I'd rather sell the paintings, but then I want to have them for SOMETHING. I don't know what. I'm trying to figure out a way for them to be seen, other than this, but don't know what to do. I don't think having them in some "small town" artshow is what I want. I guess what I really need to do is JUST FRIGGIN START PAINTING AGAIN AND NOT WORRY ABOUT ANY OF IT!!!

Since things have kinda gotten back to normal around here, I guess I can start again. It's just too hard when you never know when you are just going to have to stop and leave right in the middle of something that you just can't stop while you are doing it. And I want to get this fish done, so I think IT'S TIME!!!!!LOL


Monday, August 11, 2008

My Family

Mom(Jaci), Sister(Teri), My Man(George), Me, Daughter(Olivia),
Son(Rafe), Niece(Sarah), Daughter(Kayla), Niece(Lulu)

Here is finally a group photo of my family. When we were putting together the collage for Dad's Memorial, we realized we have NO family photos. Right then Kayla decided that she did not care what the occasion was, we would always take a group photo. And the fact that we are all dressed up, well, this may be a one and only like this.

I look gigantic, and George looks so little. G & I are actually the same height, but I am wearing heels... The camera was down low on a, we are not the sizes we look. Kayla set the timer on her camera and ran and got into the photo.

It was a very nice Memorial. There were quite a few of Dad's friends there from the News-Journal, lots of family (not all in the pic), and friends that came because they are friends. I just wish I had known that the reverend was going to ask people to speak about Dad. I was not prepared for that, my mind started racing a million miles a minute, thinking..... what do I say? what order do I say these things? Then I got so nervous about speaking in front of a crowd and it was too late. When I was driving home, alone, I said all the things I would have said up there. So, I think it's ok. I just wish I could've said it to everyone there. I'd like them to be able to see him as I do. To know what all he has done for me, and how, at the end, when I would help him up, we would dance. I'd tell him "You hold onto ME, not the towel rack, it'll break!!" So he'd put his arms around me and I'd say "Now, we dance..." And we would. Then I would thank him for the dance. It was special. And I'm smiling now thinking about it. I'm so glad I have these memories.

One day soon this "Blog" will be about painting again. I keep looking at the Surgeonfish and I know what I want to do to it next...I just need to DO it!!! In time.....

Friday, August 8, 2008

My FAVORITE Picture!!:)

Well, this has been a pretty rough week. There's so much to do, and so much to deal with. I can honestly say, I'm not dealing well. I felt better yesterday, because I spent the day w/ my mom getting things done that had to be done. I think most of my problem has been that I sit here in the house, alone. Being alone right now it not a good thing. I don't handle things well.

My sister is staying at Mom's right now, so I know she's ok. But, we do much better when we are together. They have been doing things and I felt more like I was in the way than anything. So, then I sit here, alone, and upset that I'm not w/ them and it's just crazy. Poor George. He gets these phone calls and I know I'm not coherent at all. I've got to quit doing that to him.

Anyhow, my point, and I do have one... I am putting so much pressure on myself w/ this painting and getting it done in time for the Art Show Committee to see. I'm just not doing it. I'm not entering this show. Right now it's just too hard to put that much pressure on myself. And it's making me not paint right. I'm like some water head retard w/ a brush! It's like I've forgotten how to paint. I just can't worry about that right now. Life is too important. If I paint it has to be because I want to, not because I have to. There, now I feel better.

So, now that that pressure is off of me...Today I will go to Mom's and she and I are going to put together a collage of pics of Dad to have at the Memorial tomorrow. We will enjoy doing that together. It should be interesting because we are both so creative and strong willed (stubborn & only WE can do things the right way!)'s gonna be interesting!!

One day, I will just have paintings done, find out where there's a show & enter it. It won't be a stressful thing. Hopefully I won't have to deal w/ all that I am now. I don't ever want to do this again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just squeezed paint onto my palette and started...It feels good.

Here is just the start of the fish. I like it, it has some depth, perspective. Now it needs the detail and it should be ok. All of the rest of it has quite a bit of detail. The fins, eye, mouth, gill, tail. I have the music blasting and lots of coffee. Let's see what happens now....
Remember, this painting is 3' x 4'

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Painting resumes...soon....

I haven't been on here or painting for some time now. My Dad has had cancer for 15 months and passed away on Friday, August 1st, at 3:15 AM. I have been staying w/ my Mom & Dad for a while, as he has been having a hard time. He's been very weak and needed help getting around and it was a 24/7 effort to care for him. My Mom & I took care of him every second. We made sure that he had everything and anything that he needed or wanted. I never left his side. I walked away from my "life" for him. And I'd do it again in a second! There would never be enough I could do for this man. I promised him that I would take care of my mother, so, that is my new job. And I gladly accept it.

In the end we had Hospice there around the clock. What a Godsend. These people are amazing and made sure that he was comfortable and went peacefully. I thank them with all I have and all I am.

I am home now, and it seems very strange. I feel like I don't fit in here. Maybe it's just the change from the one household to the other. And I am tired. Everything will fall into place. I will be going back to Mom's today to get the rest of my things. (My sister is there now.) Tomorrow we will be making all of the arrangements for the Memorial Service. So, we will have another rough day...but together we will do it.

I hope that I can get enough time to get this painting done so I can submit it to the committee for the art show by August 15th. If not, there is always next year. And other artshows. So, it's all good.

Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for my family and myself.