Monday, August 11, 2008

My Family

Mom(Jaci), Sister(Teri), My Man(George), Me, Daughter(Olivia),
Son(Rafe), Niece(Sarah), Daughter(Kayla), Niece(Lulu)

Here is finally a group photo of my family. When we were putting together the collage for Dad's Memorial, we realized we have NO family photos. Right then Kayla decided that she did not care what the occasion was, we would always take a group photo. And the fact that we are all dressed up, well, this may be a one and only like this.

I look gigantic, and George looks so little. G & I are actually the same height, but I am wearing heels... The camera was down low on a, we are not the sizes we look. Kayla set the timer on her camera and ran and got into the photo.

It was a very nice Memorial. There were quite a few of Dad's friends there from the News-Journal, lots of family (not all in the pic), and friends that came because they are friends. I just wish I had known that the reverend was going to ask people to speak about Dad. I was not prepared for that, my mind started racing a million miles a minute, thinking..... what do I say? what order do I say these things? Then I got so nervous about speaking in front of a crowd and it was too late. When I was driving home, alone, I said all the things I would have said up there. So, I think it's ok. I just wish I could've said it to everyone there. I'd like them to be able to see him as I do. To know what all he has done for me, and how, at the end, when I would help him up, we would dance. I'd tell him "You hold onto ME, not the towel rack, it'll break!!" So he'd put his arms around me and I'd say "Now, we dance..." And we would. Then I would thank him for the dance. It was special. And I'm smiling now thinking about it. I'm so glad I have these memories.

One day soon this "Blog" will be about painting again. I keep looking at the Surgeonfish and I know what I want to do to it next...I just need to DO it!!! In time.....


ayorkiemommy said...

PS, you have a wonderful blessing in your family!!! I love all the pictures and I know your Dad was smiling at you and all his friends and family that were there to honor him. He is so very proud of you. Get back to painting when you feel you're ready; you'll know when it's time.

You have a wonderful talent and your Dad would want you to follow your dream and be happy! I love your work and want to own something one day soon!!!


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