Monday, December 29, 2008

Blogging about things that DON'T have anything to do with art....

BECAUSE I CAN!! It's MY blog...I can put what I want here.:)

But I will say that I got an airbrush for Christmas!! I had one years ago. My grandfather bought it for the two of us to learn to use together. Then he died and we never got to. Well, I finally did teach myself. I'm pretty excited about using this for the backgrounds in my underwater paintings. Even though I love painting the big backgrounds with brushes and getting the colors to blend.
It will be fun using the airbrush. I can get frisket paper and block the drawings out and just have a blast!! It's been so long since I've used one, I looked online and found a GREAT Tutorial on Airbrush lessons.. ...I will be getting the paint today and I'm gonna follow the lessons and get my groove back!! This will be a fun toy!!! THANK YOU GEORGE!!!:)

I still have my other paintings sitting here staring at me. They seem to be saying "Get your a@@ over here and throw some paint at us!!!" Maybe I will. Now that Christmas is over and I can have my studio back. (It has a tree in the middle of it and that aint right!!!)

I am working on a deal with the museum here in town to show my work. THEY asked about it. Not me. That is nice. Makes me smile!!! They saw some of my work in G's office and were impressed. Again, THANK YOU GEORGE!!!:)

So, I have too many reasons to start painting again and get over this slump I've been in. And I have new brushes coming in today also, which will always make an artist feel better!! Again, THANK YOU GEORGE!!!!:)

Dang, look at myself...posting about art! What was I thinking???LOL