Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Until I know that these will post in order, I'll just use the date for the heading...I may just do that anyway!!

I'm working on the yellow "spots" on the fish. Geez, it is making me sweat!!! I do not want to mess them up, 'cause I REALLY don't want to repaint the whole body! That would suck! So, I have walked away for now. I just can't get the right "stroke" for them. And the brush I'm using is crap! I'm going to try a different one later....or I'll have to go buy a new brush. ANYTHING to buy NEW BRUSHES!!!:)

I like the way the pectoral fin is turning out. I've added a lot to it since the last pic post. But I don't want to finish it until I get these spots done...just in case I have to touch up any edges where I've over painted...Like coloring outside the lines!!LOL

I have not been painting as much as I would like to. This should be DONE! I start thinking about what is next, the "spots", and start dreading doing them. That is not right. Like I say, IT'S JUST PAINT, YOU CAN PAINT OVER IT!! But I don't want to redo the body!!! Oh, it's a vicious circle!!!LOL

Hopefully I will be posting another pic today with my French Angel Fish almost done!!:)
There, I've set a goal!!!:)

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