Thursday, October 2, 2008

DSFDF-Week 5

OK, so this is the pic for Week 5 on DSFDS...Hmmmm.....Interesting? Very. What am I gonna do w/ it?? Don't have a clue!!! I'm thinking of taking a section (to be determined) and doing it in colored pencil. I just don't know yet. This REALLY is like Art Class all over again!!!

I better get a good grade, I want to go to Prom this year!!!LOL


Melissa Evangeline Keyes said...

The Bean!! It'd just about worth a miserable plane ride to see that monster. I love it! I haven't seen if anyone has played with the reflection, lining up people or things beside it.

Melissa, C.R.P.

Pegi Sue said...

Hey! There's been a few done already on the DSFDF blog...Karin's is really good. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do w/ it yet...