Thursday, October 2, 2008

Folk Art...Why am I painting something that looks like FOLK ART????

This is just a section of the painting I am doing. I know, it's pretty dang crappy, but it's for me and it's my backyard. It is the view from where I sit every morning and drink my coffee.

I don't understand the "Folksy" feel that it has. Why am I painting like I'm in 7th grade again??? Who knows..but it will change as I add more to it. Hopefully for the better!! The dark green bushes have a million leaves that I have to add. It's Honeysuckle vines that have grown and been trimmed to look like bushes. So, I think the leaves will help that part. Then there's the pool, then the porch and the table in front of me. I think I may put Spice on the table, just laying there. It will be just like I'm sitting there...

I gotta add some skydivers into the sky, since they are always jumping right there in the backyard. It will be interesting, if nothing else. Something fun to look at....

Who cares....I'M PAINTING!!!!:)


Alice Thompson said...

Pegi Sue, I think that Folk Art is a good way to express that other side of you. Your other work is meticulous and time consuming. With folk art you can relax. From time to time I do my own version of outsider folk art. It helps me to loosen up from painting to tight and allows room for creativity.

I'm happy to see your painting!

Pegi Sue said...

Thank you Alice!! You really are helping me lately!!!!
I am enjoying doing this because it's not so "detailed" but then I'm not at the "up close" things telling what will happen when I get to things that I can use my tiny brushes. I hope I don't get all anal again!!!LOL
I drive myself crazy w/ that!!!
That's why I started painting those BIG paintings, couldn't use a little brush, the detail was all big!!!
Oh well, it's fun..