Friday, September 12, 2008

I think I'm getting back to being ME!!!!

I'm sorry that I've posted so many depessing things on here lately. AND NO PAINTING!!! I am feeling better, so I'm thinking about picking up a paintbrush and going at it again. It really makes me feel better to go to other blogs where the artists are painting EVERY DAY!!! Especially Mark Adams. He just makes me feel good. I can go to his blog and WOW!!! He just has such a postitive effect on me. Even if I wasn't an artist I would love his blog!! His paintings are fabulous!! And he seems like such a happy man...Someone I'd just love to know personally. But I'll stick to his daily painting and his great words that make me smile!!!

I hope one day I can be like that again. I'm trying, I really am...

Now to see what today brings me as far as not being depressed and not just staring at this Surgeon Fish!! He wants to be done and hang out w/ the French Angel. Maybe they can hang out in a gallery downtown!!! Well, that sounds almost like a goal, doesn't it??? I haven't had one of those in a while!!!

To everyone, LET'S JUST HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!:)

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