Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haitian Girl

Haitian Girl I
Pastel on 80 lb. Strathmore
12" x 18"

This is what I have done today. I found these gorgeous pictures of these children in Haiti, and I really want to do a series of them. Then, somehow, maybe use the drawings I do to raise some money for the village that these kids live in. It's a goal I have. I am so in love with the pictures of these kids. I HAVE to draw them. They are all so gorgeous.

I need to get in contact w/ the man that took the pictures, and works w/ the Rotary Club of Tortola to see if I could actually do something to help them. I just want to draw them, they are so beautiful. I'll try getting in contact w/ him once I finish "Belle" (I named her that), so he can see what I am doing.

But, for now, this is what I've done:)

I reposted the drawing. I did the corner's of her eyes, but I just feel they need more. When I do eyes they HAVE to look real. Her's aren't quite there yet...


gianlucio said...

Bellissimo ritratto Pegi, verrĂ² a vedere i prossimi lavori.

*Linda* said...

You are so good PS!

MANPOLO said...

Beautiful..thanks for sharing. I love all those underwater photos. Wish I can afford some of them. Love to paint them.

gianlucio said...

Hello, in Italy today is the feast of the woman, GREETINGS!

Pegi Sue said...

Thank you for the inspiration!!!:)

Gianlucio, here at my house EVERYDAY is the feast of the women!!LOL