Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haitian Girl 2

Here she is, still NOT done, but getting there. I'm having a problem with my white pastel's not coming out WHITE. I'll have to use the pastel stick. There's still TONS of work to do on her, but she's coming along:) I have got to do something to make her more of a baby. She is just a baby...I'll get it...just give me time:)

OK, this is SO "in the works"...but I know some of yall like to follow as I go in what I call "Watch me Draw!!"

This child is so adorable. And VERY unsure about what's going on. I SO hope I can capture that innocent unsure look that she has.

I'll do more today on her and post as I go!!:)

Right now it looks like something out of the "Omega Man"...that's just scary!

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Annette said...

I love your art, beautiful work!!