Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An old painting....

Here's a painting I did YEARS ago....but the parrot on the right had it's wings clipped. When I painted it, I knew nothing about birds. Then I CAUGHT Ikaika...my Severe Macaw. Yes, I caught him, and now I know that he was a SHE. The bird on the left is a Severe Macaw. I was at my Ex's hunting camp and my son came and got me, 'cause I'm an animal freak. She wanted my bottle of water so bad, she was so thirsty. That is how I caught her. Filled the lid up w/ water, set it in the grass and she started drinking. I had GIHUGIC leather gloves on and just grabbed her. I had her for years....then I had to move and gave her, my Ikaika, to a man that raises birds. I've talked to him since, and he says she is the meanest bird he's ever seen. Maybe I should call him and see if I can get Ikaika back.... I so do miss her and she loved ME!!:)
ANYHOW, I had painted this with the wings clipped. I've painted them UN-clipped. Much better:)
This is actually a pic I took myself at "Silver Springs"....these birds were gorgeous!!:)


http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

We have a beautiful bright colored bird my wife brought home. A woman gave it to her because the woman's boyfriend would not live with the bird. I thought he was a jerk .... until I heard that horrendous screech time after time and the bird drew blood. Nasty evil little devil. He attacks me every chance he gets.

But your painting is very nice.

Pegi Sue said...

Bill, Um, I'm sorry....somehow you ended up with Ikaika!!! The people that have him now say that she is the meanest bird they have ever seen!!!LOL
OH, I forgot about the screeching!!!

Thanks on the painting!:)

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