Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Turtle....

First, I can't get a good picture of this. Next, I have 2 days to get this done, make a CD with images THAT ARE GOOD to send to the Jury for the show in November. Got to have that delivered by the 14th. The turtle is going good, but I don't like that back fin that is the farthest away....it's only paint, I can paint over it. Right now I'm starting the shell.

I've had the hardest time painting this turtle. IT'S BLUE!!! I don't paint blue turtles. BUT, it is at 60 ft. and you lose color there and all color turns to blue, so I have a blue turtle. If I do it different it won't work with the coral. My major concern right now is the "beak"....I just DON'T like it. It's paint, I can paint over it!!!!!:)

Goodness, I'm just stressing myself out here!! I guess because I've got 2 days and I want it PERFECT!!! I guarantee I WILL get it!!!LOL
I'm too anal!!:)

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