Friday, August 28, 2009

Simma down...I'm working on more!!

Last nite I got another pastel ready to work on. It's one of my Haitian one's. This one is a mother and her daughter, at open air little lean-to kinda thing. I just love the mother. She is so at peace and beautiful. I'll be posting pics soon.

AND, if I feel like painting, I have a seahorse drawn out on a canvas. This one's gonna be beautiful. The colors are wonderful in it. Can't wait!!!

I still have a few more days to wait...ok, so it's really like 2 weeks, before I hear about the art show. I just really need to know....I have no patience.

Anyhow, yall will get to see some new stuff soon!!!!!:)

Have a beer, sit back and relax...I'll post something soon!:)