Monday, October 6, 2008

The "Backyard" in progress...

I have been painting!! Right now I've kinda hit a "hurdle" I must get over to continue, but I will. This has nothing to do w/ painting, because I really want to finish this. My heart and hands are working together, I just have to find the place & time to do it...

Anyhow, right now I am masking off the frame of the porch so I can get the lines very straight and clean. It makes it much easier & faster!! I like how this is turning out...finally!!!

It won't take too long, once I am able to get at it. I will keep posting pics as I go. And it won't be long before I post another!!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Backyard Painting

I got the Honeysuckle done. I like the way that has turned out. I may have to do more work on the tree though. It's a little childish... But, I was sitting out there this morning and Spice got up on the table and layed there. Then Sabastian got up & of course had to investigate things. So I got him w/ his nose in my paint water jar. Very cute!! So, I have added them to my painting. I just wish that Calypso could've gotten up there too!! There's not really enough room for him, but I probably could've made it work!!LOL It's ok, got my kitties to paint now too. I haven't painted an animal in a long long time, but I think I can do it...

It's only paint, I can paint over it!! I don't think I'm going to have to. I'm really enjoying doing this one. Sitting out there painting is EXTREMELY relaxing. Maybe I'll break down today and actually lay in the sun out there by the pool for a while. I'm getting ghostly!!! Ewwww!!!! Gotta fix that!!:)

I still haven't decided anything on the DSFDF painting this week. I did go check out the blog and Karin's is FABULOUS!!!! Pressure, Oh the pressure!!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!!:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

DSFDF-Week 5

OK, so this is the pic for Week 5 on DSFDS...Hmmmm.....Interesting? Very. What am I gonna do w/ it?? Don't have a clue!!! I'm thinking of taking a section (to be determined) and doing it in colored pencil. I just don't know yet. This REALLY is like Art Class all over again!!!

I better get a good grade, I want to go to Prom this year!!!LOL

Folk Art...Why am I painting something that looks like FOLK ART????

This is just a section of the painting I am doing. I know, it's pretty dang crappy, but it's for me and it's my backyard. It is the view from where I sit every morning and drink my coffee.

I don't understand the "Folksy" feel that it has. Why am I painting like I'm in 7th grade again??? Who knows..but it will change as I add more to it. Hopefully for the better!! The dark green bushes have a million leaves that I have to add. It's Honeysuckle vines that have grown and been trimmed to look like bushes. So, I think the leaves will help that part. Then there's the pool, then the porch and the table in front of me. I think I may put Spice on the table, just laying there. It will be just like I'm sitting there...

I gotta add some skydivers into the sky, since they are always jumping right there in the backyard. It will be interesting, if nothing else. Something fun to look at....

Who cares....I'M PAINTING!!!!:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Link to comments about "Caymus" by Mark Adams...
This is a site where divers, snorkelers, non-divers, WHATEVER, people that love the island of Bonaire, get together to talk about their trips, lean on one another, chat, just hang out together. Bonaire is a beautiful island with gorgeous reefs, cactus & donkeys. It is in the Netherlands Antilles, known as the ABC islands. There's Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. The reefs of Bonaire are the most beautiful in the world. And Bonaire is known for the fantastic shore diving. So, we all love Bonaire....
Anyhow, I've made friends with everyone on BT and I've met a lot of them. Just a bunch of wonderful people & the best friends I've ever had!! And now I've got them all hooked on Mark Adams painting!!