Friday, February 20, 2009


Let me start by actually posting some art. This is a drawing I did of Kayla when she was 2!:)

Well, the BrickFish campaign for Artist's Choice Round 2 ended w/ my entry in 2nd. Now the BrickFish people pick the top 2. I don't know what this means, if there's another contest for these 2 to be against each other, or what. I guess I will find out in time. I have some amazing friends who did some serious voting and reviewing for me!!! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!:)

Now, about EBAY! George has gotten me hooked on it!! I have gotten some great things from there lately. I now have, totally by accident, 2 Paasche airbrushes. I still have to learn to use them. And I found a set of 48 Conte a Paris, Conte crayons (Pastels) on there for $11!! I used these in high school to do portraits, and that's how I made $$ back then. I don't know what happened to my sad, wore-out set of 24 that I had back then, but I've not been able to find these anywhere. Well, I found them on EBAY!! And a beautiful brush holder, made of wood, that should be arriving any day now. Right now I use this cheap plastic brush holder, and if you bump it slightly, my 100+ brushes go everywhere!! I hate that thing! Because I keep my brushes all in certain places by size. If they all fall, I have to try to get them back in order, or I can't paint right!LOL

Well, now that I have all these great things and my studio is looking like a FABULOUS place for an artist to spend the day, maybe I'll start doing that and posting some art on here soon!!!

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